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One Size Wrap Skirt.


Vibrant crystal pattern art on a wrap skirt for the stone lover. 
Rock the gemstone vibes at dinner, festivals or even as a beach cover up! Available in 1 size to fit many body types. 


❉ Pattern is a real rock photographed with a special macro lens to achieve the highest quality, best lighting and true colors of the stone. 


❉ Peachskin Jersey: Medium weight. Extra comfy. 
❉ Matte crepe: Light weight. Formal & Flowy.


Malachite Wrap Skirt

  • ❉ No matter what fabric is chosen for the skirt, the tie section is made from bamboo jersey fabric for extra comfort.

    ❉ Laser cut finishing for clean edges without added weight.

    ❉ Ethical manufacturing. NO sweatshops here!