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by Alicia Moya-Méndez

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Nature Photography

Shop for wall décor in all types of nature themes: prints, framed, canvas and metal available. 

Nature Photography

Wire Science Art

Science art workshops, events, art and jewelry teaching scientific concepts.

Wire Sciene Art
STEAM Network

STEAM Network

A STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) educational content directory and volunteer research team for teachers and parents.


Need help finding STEAM resources for topics you need to teach? Contact us for help! 

Not currenty available.

Traveling Gem

A specialcity macro photography art collection, including wearable art. REAL CRYSTAL PATTERNS!

Wall art, clothing and more for the gemstone lover on the go. 

Traveling Gem


Need a custom order? Let's chat!

Looking for a science sculpture to be made? Maybe you need a specific size wall décor from my photography collection? Want your DNA earrings to have a certain code or mutation? I live to create. Let me make you something special just for you!

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